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The Aardvark SP-1 is derived from the highly acclaimed Spire Sportscars GT-R originally designed by Martin Keenan of MK Engineering.


Since then Aardvark racing have further developed and improved the mid engine lightweight chassis and through extensive testing and CAE have evolved the design into a formidable road / track weapon.


“The Best has simply been made better”


Development & CAE

Following previous development at the MIRA test facility of the Aerodynamics & Ground Effect Analysis the SP-1 has been further advanced with the aid of CAE & CFD, the results being further advanced Aerodynamics and thus providing overall gains in down force across the whole vehicle.

Strength & Integrity

The chassis is a lightweight, fully triangulated steel space frame, built to the highest standards with an integral roll hoop and high chassis sides to enhance both chassis stiffness and offer enhanced protection.


The very latest cutting edge design and analysis software has been utilised in order to refine the chassis design thus reducing weight where possible without impacting occupant safety & crash performance.


Build & Personalisation

SuperVeloce will build and supply a rolling chassis that has been customised to the clients specification.

A full geometry and corner weighing will be included in the purchase price, further customisation will include yet not restricted to instruments, gear shifters, carbon, paint, bodywork decals all of which can be discussed upon application.


Options list - Further information available in due course

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